Another Man's Treasure

Another Mans Treasure is a Guide to Shadazar, the largest port on Narheim. This 64 page supplement to Tales of Gaea gives both player and game masters new foes, magic items, classes and general setting information to run many campaigns within this setting. Players are able to generate characters that fit into the society of Shadazar, from the nobles to the rat catchers. Need setting characters to round out the cast, Another Man's Treasure has you covered with over 20 different people from Shadazar's streets. 

The maps will allow players to plan out their missions while GMs have the flexibility to build their own elements into the city. Another Man's Treasure gives you enough detail to interact with the city but enough room to build your own adventures.

Another Man's Treasure will be available at your local game store in July. If they don't stock it ask them for it! 

Title Another Man's Treasure
Stock No. HWE 1100
ISBN 0-9740096-1-X
Format Soft cover, Perfect Bound
Page Count 64
Genre Renaissance Fantasy RPG
MSRP $15
System Iridium System
Sample 65 K PDF


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